During my work experience placement with Dr. Nigel Pollard, digitising his slides and building this website (https://endangeredsyriaheritage.wordpress.com), we won a prize in Swansea University’s Research as Art competition.

Endangered Syria Heritage

Research as Art is a unique competition for researchers at Swansea University, a top 30 research university, and was founded by Dr. Richard Johnston to capture “the diversity and beauty of research.” The competition’s inclusive nature encourages submissions from undergraduate to Professor, and spans all disciplines, from Science and Engineering to Arts and Humanities.

Research as Art was the perfect opportunity to not only share this project but also to showcase a beautiful image of Roman Syria.

Nigel’s explanation of the entry:

This commemorates the destruction of the ancient Temple of Baalshamin at Palmyra in Syria by Daesh in August 2015. I wanted to give some sense of the temple looking back at its own relatively undisturbed two thousand year past (the original colour image), while also looking forward, Janus-like, in the negative image, to an uncertain future of (potentially) further damage or (more hopefully) reconstruction. My original archaeological research was on, and…

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