Hello, and welcome to my blog!

After deciding to write a blog I am a little unsure what to start with. I guess, the reason for my blog? I have started this blog to record my experiences as an undergraduate, but also to as a place to document my, albeit basic, research and learning.

So a little about me… I am a mature student, returning to university after a couple (plus a few) years of office work. I am now just finishing my first year at Swansea University, studying for a BA in History and Medieval Studies. My life is split between Swansea, in the week, for uni, and Cardiff, at weekends, for my other-half. ❤

My blog-name, Apprentice Historian, was ‘borrowed’ from Professor David Turner [Swansea University]. He used it in a lecture to describe undergraduates, and I thought it was rather fitting.

My first year modules were:-

  • “Europe of Extremes 1789-1989″… which confirmed modern history is not for me!
  • “Introduction to Medieval Europe 500-1500″… my fave module, special focus on the Black Death and the Rise of Universities
  • “Literature and Society in Medieval Europe”… an English module which is compulsory for medievalists, if I had any doubt (I didn’t) this proved to me that I am interested in History over Literature.
  • Historical skills module; lectures on key skills and seminars on the French Revolution.
  • Beginning Latin language (40 credits). I vastly enjoyed this and have opted to continue Latin next year.

My research interests include: history of crime and punishment, the Enlightenment, capital punishment, the Bloody Code, the French Revolution, history of medicine, the guillotine, early modern “witches”, the rise of universities and the intellectual renaissance, the fourteenth, sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, the Black Death, the Great Famine, legal history, late medieval… etc. This list will grow through my time at university.

I will document future work experience, but this year I have assisted teaching Latin in a Primary school and worked ‘front of house’ in museums. I am always looking for work experience opportunities, so if you know of anything local [Cardiff/Swansea], please let me know.

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